Farry machinery opened for business in autumn 1988. By the early 1990s the business was beginning to flourish with the development of the Shannon-Erne waterway and local forestry. In the early days, the bulk of the business activity consisted of chainsaws and other forest machinery. Since then, with controls of the felling of trees particularly for firewood (due to CO2 emissions controls) and the increase of commercial harvesting, the forestry side of the business has become secondary to the garden side of the business, which today, accounts for the bulk of business.

This is particularly the case since the mid 1990s, when Ireland entered the current property boom which is as stroong as ever in the northwestern counties of Ireland such as: Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon. The property boom led to a growth of interest in gardening and furthermore gardens tend to be bigger with the construction of larger houses. This has led to a change in emphasis so that the main area of business we deal with nowadays is in garden machinery although we still stock a good range of forest machinery. Another factor which has led to the increased volume of both domestic and professional garden machinery is the change in weather. With milder winters in Ireland, due to climate change, the season has extended from a 6 to 8 month period to more like a 8 to month period of busy activity.

We extended our workshop and garage in the mid 1990s to deal with the extra requirements our customers had for servicing and repairs of machines. The business is now divided into the shop for the sales part of the business and the workshop / garage for the repairs and servicing of machinery. Today, we are the main agents in the area for the leading brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Oleo-mac and more. You can also browse or machines by category. Feel free to contact us with any of your queries. We look forward to hearing from you.